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    Seafood & Exotic Meats 
    Seafood & Exotic Meats
    Sawers range of fresh Seafood are both Local and Mediterranean ranging from fresh Salmon, Sea bass, Cod and more.
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    Olives & Salads 
    Olives & Salad
    Try our own handmade Tapenades, Hummus, Tomato Blush, Salads, Chilli feta and more!
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    Charcuterie & Cooked Ham 
    Charcuterie & Cooked Ham
    A range of Charcuterie never to be seen anywhere in Ireland. Bresaola, Parma Ham, Pata Negra, Pastrami, Serrano Ham, Belfast Gammon, Italian Rosemary Ham and a huge range of Salamis as well as Paté.

Seafood & Exotic Meats Olives & Salads Charcuterie & Cooked Ham
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