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About Sawers

Sawers has always been known for its great range of local and traditional foods, our latest ranges come from U.S.A and South Africa, from the U.S. big names such as Lucky Charms, Mountain Dew, Old Bay seasoning, Marshmellow fluff, Goober “Peanut butter and Jelly” and lots more. The South African range consists of the Best Selling Iwisa corn meal, Pronutra, Ouma rusks, Mrs Balls Chutneys, Nik Naks, Spices and Sauces, “check it out”.

Our Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Indian ranges are as popular as ever, as well as our Authentic range of Mexican foods, the best selling Chipotle, Chilli in adobo sauce, never has time to sit on the shelves.
Our other ranges include the world’s hottest sauces, i.e. Naga Jaloki, Blackwidow Scorpion’s Sting and Daves Insanity.

We also stock the full range of aged season pioneers herbs and spices as well as Balsamic Vinegars, Olive Oils sauces, the largest range of tea and herbal teas in Belfast, our latest addition is Argentinean Yerba Mate herbal tea.

Sawers also pride itself in supporting local communities and giving new local producers a kick start to the market.

Why not check Sawers out for speciality Gifts and Foods, such as Caviar, Pate de foe, Throttles and Smoked Salmon. Sawers have been called the Aladdin’s Cave of Belfast.

A Brief History of Sawers

A family run business, Sawers has always prided itself on stocking an extensive range of foods and offering the level of customer service synonymous with the “olden days”. Established in 1897, Sawers originally had stores in Glasgow, Belfast, Dublin & Birmingham.

We have served through two world wars and the Northern Ireland troubles. Today, the Belfast store is the only remaining of the Sawers Brand, so as you can imagine, we have a lot to live up to! So much so, that there is an old Belfast saying “if you can’t get it in Sawers, you can’t get it anywhere”.

Sawers, has a well known Belfast history, of supplying Game, Poultry, Seafood, Cheese and fine foods for the R.M.S. Titanic Drawing office’s for functions and special Royal visits.

Sawers had a fleet of delivery vehicles in the city ensuring prompt response to customers urgent order’s. This van was supplied by the well known Ford Main dealers, J.E. Coulter Ltd, Antrim Road, Belfast.

In the 1960’s, Sawers moved to Castle Street and became one of Belfast’s most prestigious landmarks and a well known meeting point. People today still remember the fabulous fish tank at the front door, with exotic fish from around the globe. With solid marble fish slabs, tiles and decor from as far as the middle east.


In 1982, Sawers moved to smaller premises at the Fountain Centre, Belfast. The current Proprietor Kieran Sloan, began working at Sawers as a trainee fish boy at the age of 16. Throughout the years, he has accumulated a vast array of skills (Sales Technique, Customer Service, Food Preparation, Stock Management and Control).

The skills and training passed on to him from previous proprietors has proved to be an invaluable asset. Kieran moved up the ranks to become Manager and eventually took over the business in 2002.

Kieran says: “I constantly revert back to the early days of Sawers to ensure it remains a place where the Belfast and Northern Ireland public return time and time again to unearth their culinary delights”.